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Tun Myint
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Welcome to MA’AT LEGAL Services Myanmar Limited

Our Law Firm Ma’at legal Services Myanmar Limited specialise in civil litigation, personal injury accident claims, compensation claims and contract Act. We also have close with counsel specializing in Company Law and Business Law.


                                                                                                    Views on Myanmar

1. Myanmar’s administrative sector and judicial sector have long been frustrating the public; various kinds of erroneous deeds and deliberate wrongdoings in the administration of the state and regional government, advancement of the emotional outburst of the urban unknowledgeable people due to instigation of racial or religious violence, lack of unionism among the ethnic leaders, and existing dreams of seceding from the Union, among most ethnic armed groups are continuously making citizens disappointed and frustrated.

2. The juridical bodies like courts of justice, law offices, and the Police Force have various kinds of corruptions, and the personal in the leading role are failing to reduce the corruptions. It is time the behavior of corrupt employees was corrected. These situations are making Myanmar down graded and strongly reducing it to being disgraced among the members of the United Nations Organization.

3. Dear ladies and gentleman, Such bad situations have become unbearable for us and it is crucial that they be changed and what can be done to change them ? MA’AT , comprised of experts in laws and history, has chosen to do the best out of all it can do. We would like to share with you the contents of the constitutions of US, Canada, Britain, China and India, which are considered peaceful and their statements as well as concepts regarding Human Rights. We would like to say that we have been watching the function of the judicial systems of Norway, Sweden Japan and Singapore as well with a keen interest.

4. In order to achieve our aims of sharing information, we are going to hold short-term training courses, workshops, talks and seminers in big cities nationwide, and distribute books by experts and writiers on the subject. Our MA’AT Publishing House is now ready to start work.

5. In order to acocomplish our task, we invite the participation of all lawyers, writters, psyctologists, historians, artists, well-wishers, business people, political leaders, and Human Right activists.